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BLACKMORE‘S NIGHT - Anniversary Tour

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Samstag, 19.08.2017
von 19:30 bis 23:00 Uhr
Einlass: 18:00 Uhr
, 91541 Rothenburg ob der Tauber
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What an unexpected joy it is to be able to regain paradise lost--to go back in time, to a simpler more rustic life, when achieving an idyllic existence through hard work and good times seemed infinitely more possible than it does today in our current culturally complicated world.
Such is the magic conjured by the singular musical entity known as Blackmore's Night, a group that effortlessly transports listeners back to the merry world of Medieval life with their festive, celebratory sound. Led by award winning vocal enchantress Candice Night and guitar deityand former Deep Purple and Rainbow leaderRitchie Blackmore, the group vividly recreates the charm and good cheer of Renaissance/Medieval times by combining their reverent passion for a bygone era with the extraordinary musical skill and proficiency gained from years working as rock-and-roll troubadours. The result is music that sounds both soothingly timeless and refreshingly modern.
"When we started this project," says Blackmore, "people would say, 'You must be crazy. Why would you want to get involved in Medieval Renaissance music?' But we did it because it was a labour of love. To me, it was time just to play something that I felt was 100% honest. It was just something I had to do. It was in my blood. I'd always listened to Renaissance music, and this was the first time that I could actually get involved in playing it. And Candice's voice lends itself to those particular melodies. It all seemed so right. It was very natural."
It is a documented fact that the music of Medieval times is extremely difficult to recreate. Many of the songs that were created half a millennium ago were improvised by bards that travelled from town to town, by farm labourers needing to pass the time in the fields, and by musicians accompanying the many impromptu dances and festivals of the day. It was music created to elevate the difficult moments of everyday life. As such, many of the songs of that time have passed away with the men and women who created them.
The desire to preserve and share much of the Medieval Renaissance musical heritage, Night and Blackmore have for years immersed themselves in the study of the customs, legends, mores and culture of the time period as well as enjoying and often incorporating folk music and fairy tales, from the many lands they travel to.
Stepping forth as the undeniable spiritual catalyst of this heady brew, the dulcet-voiced Night--part Medieval princess, part Stevie Nicksrouses each song to breathless musical heights with her undeniable talent and zeal. And lending the music the sounds reminiscent of the past-is the use of various Renaissance instruments--such as shawms, chanters, rauchpfiefe, and hurdy-gurdy--that Night often performs on. "I now have quite a collection!" she says proudly. "The sounds are incrediblethey've added a whole new dimension to the music." The uncommon blending of Blackmore's virtuosic guitar-playing with the earthy sounds of instruments from several centuries back breeds life into a new musical style- they affectionately called "Renaissance Folk Rock."

Take one listen to original Night/Blackmore compositions like "25 Years," based on an old Balkan folks song, and "Village Lanterne," inspired by the legend of Siegfried (the basis of Wagner's Ring cycle), and behold Night at the peak of her abilities, expertly melding vocal technique with heartfelt emotional gravity. Yet you can also find Blackmore's Night performing songs by Joan Baez, Joan Osborne, Rainbow, Bob Dylan, Elvis Presely, Mike Oldfield, and on their latest release- a Sonny and Cher classic. "I've Got You Babe"
They appreciate good music and they will perform it for you at their concerts and on their CDs.
They are not stymied by one musical style- their tastes are varied and so are there musical abilities.

Blackmore's Night - 7 musician performing group is fortunate to include
Hall of Fame legendary guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, Etheral vocalist and Medieval woodwind instrumentalist Candice Night, Bard David- Keyboards and vocals, Troubador of Aberdeen on percussion, Earl Gray on bass and rhythm guitar, Lady Lynn on back up vocals, Peopled with the everyday laborers, dauntless heroes, and ethereal faeries of Medieval times, the story songs of Blackmore's Night brings you a show for ALL AGES!!.
Join the festivities and dress in Renaissance/Medieval garb with their music and the atmospheric settings where they perform- they will whisk away your stress and daily pressure- enjoy the evening with Blackmore's Night. Sing and dance along-"UNDER A VIOLET MOON"


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